First Class New Kitty Dresses

I just announced on Facebook that we had some new Kitty Dresses coming and it created quite a stir. I know you ladies love this dress as much as I do. Originally designed as a Day Dress, I found it works just as well for evening.

I have chosen some deeper colours with an effective Anemone Print in Red and Teal this time. Also a fabulous Stamp Print in Black and Caramel and a gorgeous Pink Carousel design. You requested more novelty prints- so here you have them. They have a true Vintage feel to them.

Vivien of Holloway 1950s Kitty Dresses

The newest Kitty Dresses from Vivien of Holloway

I for one live in these Kitty Dresses. They are so comfy yet always an attention grabber. I’m often stopped in the street by people wanting to show their appreciation, especially when I have a matching Bandana.



There will be a few Bandanas available with this run of Kitty Dresses.

















Vivien of Holloway Matching Bandanas

Vivien of Holloway Matching Bandanas

As with most things we make these Kitty Dresses are very Limited Edition.

So, let’s have a recap; gorgeous dress, 100% Cotton fabric, matching Bandanas, Limited Edition, Vintage style novelty prints. Oh, and I nearly forgot- real Vintage Buttons so they may vary due to limited numbers for a truly unique garment.


One run only so don’t hesitate and miss out, you lucky girls you!


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  1. Absolutely beautiful

    haifeng | April 5, 2017 at 7:44 am () ()

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