Kitty Day Dress!

Well I haven’t had time to write anything for a while since I have been so busy with production and the Pop Up Shop. Now the Pop Up is closed and after tidying up the debris things can get back to normal.

I hope you ladies made the most of us making another batch of our Kitty Day Dresses the fabric is so authentic looking even the most avid Vintage collector could be fooled. I know I get lots of compliments whenever I wear mine. The Kitty has turned out to be my dress of choice for most occasions. It looks great with flat sandals so is very easy to wear. The big patch pockets are great for your phone and anything else you like to keep handy. Pair it with a matching bandana and you are set to go!!





Kitty Peach and Royal Floral Stripe

Kitty Lily of the Valley

Kitty Seashell Stripe Black

Kitty Seashell Stripe Pale Blue

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