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Pastel Perfection

Summer is upon us and Vivien of Holloway have released a gorgeous new selection of pastel dresses perfectly suited for garden parties and glamorous weddings. We have made our signature Halterneck Circle Dress in luxurious Duchess Satin in beautiful candy colours including Lilac, Pink and Pale Blue. Delicious! Also, available soon in a full size range is our stunning new Luxury Lace Overlay Halterneck Circle dress in Ivy Lace. The delicately embroidered lace drapes effortlessly over beautiful satin and the full skirt swirls elegantly when walking and dancing. The Luxury... Read More

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Prom Perfection with Vivien of Holloway!

At Vivien of Holloway, we have a wide variety of customers. Over the past few years we have seen a big increase in the amount of shoppers looking for an outfit for Prom. This pleases us greatly because we have an amazing selection of dresses just perfect for such a special occasion! The American tradition of Prom has become increasingly popular in the UK. It wasn’t until the 1950’s, as America was enjoying the luxury of the post-war economy, that Proms became more elaborate and expensive events. And this included... Read More