Made in London
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Vivien of Holloway is a brand run by women for women. 

We have always been conscious of the company's footprint.

In recent years, we have taken steps to improve the sustainability and ethical standards of our products.

Made right here in London.

We take pride in producing all of our clothing in London.

By partnering with factories located in North London, where our warehouse is situated, we not only foster the growth of the local economy, but also do our part to reduce emissions resulting from transportation.

A high quantity of our buttons is vintage. We strive to use every scrap of fabric: after cutting garments, we repurpose any leftover material into accessories. Staff members are also encouraged to take home any remaining materials for their personal projects.

Organic cotton.

We are proud to offer our own range of bespoke prints, which were created exclusively for us. These fabrics are designed to be as authentic as possible to the glorious age of fashion that inspires our designs.

We are proud to say that we went above and beyond in our efforts to create a sustainable products, by sourcing organic cotton for our bespoke fabric.

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to use environmentally-friendly materials in as much of our range as possible.

By making this decision, we are committing to reducing our environmental impact. Studies have shown that organic cotton has only half the global warming potential of conventional cotton, and the cultivation of organic cotton leads to healthier soil and cleaner water due to the limited use of pesticides and insecticides.


Green Packaging

We keep our packaging as green as possible and to a minimum at all times. No added bows and boxes, just the essentials to get your beautiful garments out to you safely.

Our pink mailing bags are made of Sustainable GreenPE, a thermoplastic sustainable resin, made from sugar cane. Produced from a completely renewable source, this is the ultimate in green packaging. 

Renewable. Recyclable.  

We firmly believe that every little bit counts when it comes to preserving our planet for future generations.

Not only does this help us reduce our carbon footprint,
but it also allows us to provide our customers with products they can feel good about using.

We believe that by taking these steps, we are doing our part to create a better world for everyone.