Vintage Style with Vivien of Holloway

Here at Vivien of Holloway, we are always striving to recreate the perfect silhouettes of the 1940’s and 1950’s. One of the most popular shapes of the 50’s has to be the full circle skirt, with a nipped in waist and delicate blouse, worn by the iconic Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. But how do I get that look?! We hear you cry! Well, look no further than Vivien of Holloway.

The Perfect Skirt – our Circle Skirts are a riot of fabric and drape in just the right way to create the folds of fabric so beautifully worn by Audrey Hepburn. Choose a Floral Print for added colour and wear with one of our fluffy Petticoats to add even more fullness!




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The Finishing Touches – Wear your Circle Skirt with a simple White Gypsy Top, Black Patent Belt and a Bandana folded and tied around your neck to complete this elegant and perfectly vintage ensemble!

Simple and chic, the Gypsy Top in White

Simple and chic, the Gypsy Top in White


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