Bucket Bags

Bucket bags are a standard for most Vintage girls wardrobe. My girl friends and I always had them as teenagers. But being such a practical design I imagine they got used to death as you don’t see many about anymore. I had a few over the years but being so old the leather was always a bit shot. When looking at designs for our bag I knew it had to be classic and hardwearing. We looked at other materials but leather is just the most practical.

For the design, I raided my personal Vintage Handbag collection for influence and chose different features from some of my favourite pieces. I am a fan of Enid Collins bags with their crazy decoration so the stud work from the Enid bag and D-rings on the handles were a classic must. When I was in Texas a couple of years back I met a guy that used to work at the Enid Collins factory. He said he dated the bosses daughter. He now has a fabulous Rib joint in Bandera.

The Arizona is a classic Bucket shape where Nashville has a slight V shape to go with my name. We searched for the most Vintage looking but classy clasp. it took 2 years and we were almost done but we figured she needed a secure place for your valuables so we added a pocket. I had to go in search of the fabric for the pocket. I needed something to wonderfully complement the inside of the bag but also show off the beautiful hand-stamped leather Logo tag. I think I did a pretty good job.

This is a beautiful stylish hardwearing handbag that works well for day or evening. Made in England but with a nod to the Wild West of America. She comes with a card of Authenticity signed by me and numbered in the order they are sold. As if you weren’t getting enough she comes to you safely wrapped in her own custom Tote Bag for safekeeping.

A beautiful quality purchase you will not regret but enjoy for many years to come.


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