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When I think of great Vintage companies I always keep Vivien of Holloway in mind. This clothing company operates in the heart of North London and is a paradise for those with an old soul. One of the items of clothing from this label that I have been keeping an eye on has been the Katharine trousers. Every time I see them on my Instagram feed I always admire the spirit of their namesake Katharine Hepburn.

Katharine Hepburn has always been remembered for her fearless and unapologetic approach to life. In the 1930s women had not come into their own just yet. The fervor of the 20s had faded and the world was attempting to recover from the Great Depression. Clothing was still a definition of the gender and ” Conservatives ridiculed “rational” styles, and warned that allowing “ladies” to wear pants would be more dangerous than a ticking time bomb” (Read More at The Toast).

Entering stage left comes Katharine Hepburn and her gender defying style. In a 1933 article “. . . Katharine Hepburn would not choose to wear them (trousers) because they were the style, or refrain from wearing them because they were unconventional. She does as she chooses without reference to the rest of the world”.

The Katharine trousers Vivien of Holloway are based on a WWII pattern and are a celebration of that determination and spirit that still echoes decades later. This style of trouser comes in a multitude of colors and fabrics. In my opinion, I find that modern trousers are tight, restrictive, and uncomfortable to travel in. In comparison, these are a joy to wear because of the fabric and flattering shape.

I think you will find that these trousers will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. The effortless way they transition from day to night is a treasure in themselves. I am a huge fan of the buttons as well. They give a finished and polished look. Also, did I mention the colours? This soft pale pink is the perfect shade for Spring.

It’s very easy to style these trousers up or down. I chose to pair them with the Jenny cardigan (another post coming soon!). I found that a simple oxford shirt creates the most stylish 40s silhouette while a full-sleeved blouse echoes the romantic look so many wish to achieve. Whatever way you choose to style your look, these trousers will make sure that you stay fashionable, comfortable, and will keep you looking like “ . . . the patron saint of the independent . . . female,” (source).

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