Gorgeous Gingham!

Here at Vivien of Holloway, Gingham is a way of life. Our Halterneck and Gypsy Tops in Red, Black, Blue and Pink Gingham are wardrobe staples for the warmer months. We simply can’t get enough of it!

Gingham first arrived in Europe in the 17th Century as a striped fabric and evolved into a check when being produced in Manchester mills. Worn famously by French actress Brigitte Bardot for her wedding dress, Gingham became so popular there were shortages of the fabric at the time!

So, to add to the list of essential Gingham items, let us introduce to you the Halterneck Circle Dress in Daisy and Rose Gingham! Now you can channel your inner Brigitte with the beautiful Rose Gingham Coral, a delicate fabric with a spattering or roses throughout. Or maybe you’re more of a Daisy fan? The lovely Daisy Gingham is available in GreenBottle,  Blue and Turquoise. Wear with a fluffy White Petticoat and White Elastic Belt and you have the perfect summer ensemble.


Beautiful Blue Daisy Gingham

Beautiful Blue Daisy Gingham

Channel your ineer Brigitte with Coral Rose Gingham Haltreneck Circle Dress

Channel your ineer Brigitte with Rose Gingham Coral Haltreneck Circle Dress

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