Rockabilly Weekender in Spain


Trying to avoid the cold weather after being in Australia, it wasn’t hard to tempt me over to Spain for a Rockabilly Weekender. Especially since so many of my friends were playing.

So after I organised for the new Kitty Dresses to be made I headed for City Airport.

Vivien of Holloway Rockabilly Weekender in SpainWe got a really good deal on our trip and ended up with a lovely hotel.

The PolecatsHaving lunch with my old chums The Polecats they were very excited when I told them about the new Men’s Trousers we have in the pipeline, and started putting in their orders for various colours with great enthusiasm.



The Rockin' Race JamboreeWe had a great weekend with some of our favourite bands The Polecats, The Kaiser’s!, The Shooting Stars and Ray Collins’ Hot-Club. We even pitched in with the Kaisers Merch stand.


The Shooting Stars







We did miss the opportunity to do a photoshoot on the beach, but it was great to see so many lovely ladies in our clothes.
Maybe next time we’ll get the camera out.

It was nice to put off adjusting to the London weather for a few more days- now back to the grind.


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