High Rockabilly 2017

The girls and I decided to take a long weekend off and head to the beach for some Rockabilly fun.

I had a last minute distress call from Deke Dickenson to say his luggage had been lost and could I bring him some shirts so I stopped off at the shop and picked up a few to see him through the weekend.

We arrived in Barcelona and took the tour bus to see the sights and a lunch stop in the food market before taking the train out to Calafell.
We were greeted with the party well under way. We did a quick shop and headed off to find the party. The new range of Hawaiian Sarong were the favourite of the weekend though while packing I realised i had dropped a size so I had to wear some from a few years back.
We had a great weekend with fabulous performances from Hayden Thomson, Deke Dickenson, Darrel Higham and Billy Burnette.  The Rip Em Ups also put on a great show. Well there was a lot of great music hard to keep track of it all.


We scorched thought the weekender anyway in lots of fabulous Vivien of Holloway Outfits!



  • Lisacostello

    I recently went to an event and a lady was wearing one of you dungarees loved it. Lis

  • christine Bitomsky

    Wow! You all look fabulous, I hope I can look that good when I go next year! xoxox