Blog Takeover: 5 Tips For You – The 1950s Housewife Coping With Self Isolation!

Has your staying-in style become a bit monotonous?  As lovers of vintage glamour, getting dressed up can make us feel more like ourselves with all that’s going on and it can brighten up the social feeds of our online community.  So if you want to channel wearable (and comfortable) vintage style at home, who do you turn to for inspiration? We propose the Queen of ‘around the house’ glamour herself – the iconic 1950s housewife! 1950s housewife tip #1: Wow them! for a break from the boring!  No era did show-stopping... Read More


Bucket Bags

Bucket bags are a standard for most Vintage girls wardrobe. My girl friends and I always had them as teenagers. But being such a practical design I imagine they got used to death as you don’t see many about anymore. I had a few over the years but being so old the leather was always a bit shot. When looking at designs for our bag I knew it had to be classic and hardwearing. We looked at other materials but leather is just the most practical. For the design, I... Read More


Blog Takeover by Asta Darling

EFFORTLESSLY CHIC When I think of great Vintage companies I always keep Vivien of Holloway in mind. This clothing company operates in the heart of North London and is a paradise for those with an old soul. One of the items of clothing from this label that I have been keeping an eye on has been the Katharine trousers. Every time I see them on my Instagram feed I always admire the spirit of their namesake Katharine Hepburn. Katharine Hepburn has always been remembered for her fearless and unapologetic approach... Read More


Duffle Coat

Ladies, this winter we wanted to make something special for you. We are always looking for that perfect jacket, to go with every outfit. One that is beautiful and fun, never going out of style, but also warm and cosy to keep the chills away. And it certainly is chilly living in the UK. We chose a bobble fur to line them so they would be so cosy you would never want to take them off. They look as pretty on the inside as they do on the outside. Did... Read More


Pink Label

Morning ladies, we seem to be having a few discussions about our new Pink Label garments. The brand Vivien of Holloway was born out of a dream I had to reproduce clothing from the glamour days. I didn’t want to just make clothes in the style of or with a nod to I wanted to actually reproduce the quality and the workmanship. As our label has grown instead of doing what most brands do and look to foreign lands to get things made quickly and cheaply we have in fact... Read More

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Pink Label

Our Pink label just got a whole lot better!   Making my own clothes is a lot of fun and something I have always enjoyed. But now I am happy to say we have started printing our own fabrics. These fabulous prints take influence from Vintage designs and are created exclusively for Vivien of Holloway. You will only see them here. I am so proud and excited this is a goal I have been chasing for a long time yet it came knocking at my door after I searched for... Read More


Pink Label

Over the years there has been a lot of discussion about the variation in price for the same item. We have added the Deluxe Pink Label to our range so you know what you are getting will be even more special than usual. Some of the items will only be available with a pink label whereas other items will be available in either range. The pink Label with has a more luxurious fabric. This was something many of you ladies had been asking for and I am greatly looking forward... Read More

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High Rockabilly 2017

The girls and I decided to take a long weekend off and head to the beach for some Rockabilly fun. I had a last minute distress call from Deke Dickenson to say his luggage had been lost and could I bring him some shirts so I stopped off at the shop and picked up a few to see him through the weekend. We arrived in Barcelona and took the tour bus to see the sights and a lunch stop in the food market before taking the train out to Calafell.... Read More

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Christmas is coming

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year. I started making our Christmas dresses early this year so we had a great selection of Novelty Prints and Satin. Some of the Christmas Kitties still hadn’t arrived at the time of writing this so we can still look forward to seeing them. I worked really hard and it has certainly paid off. I know it is sad when you miss out on one of the special prints but if we don’t keep it short and sweet we wouldn’t be able... Read More


Pretty for day time

When I was a child my Mum was a big influence on me style wise. I used to love all the photos from when she was young. What a glamorous time. One of the looks that stuck with me was her in a simple tea dress with her hair swept up. This was a heavy influence on me when choosing styles to make. It is classy and timeless. Our Tea Dress has a loose fit button front bodice with padded shoulders and piping accentuating light gathers. She has an a-line... Read More