Pink Label

Our Pink label just got a whole lot better!

Making my own clothes is a lot of fun and something I have always enjoyed. But now I am happy to say we have started printing our own fabrics. These fabulous prints take influence from Vintage designs and are created exclusively for Vivien of Holloway. You will only see them here. I am so proud and excited this is a goal I have been chasing for a long time yet it came knocking at my door after I searched for years to find the right way forward. 

So our Pink label just got even better. 
To celebrate we are starting with a round the world range. I believe travel was a big influence on designers during the 40’s and 50’s with many movies being set in far off places. A lot of these movie sets were later used for bar interiors and I guess theme bars began. I love to travel especially to tropical places so we are starting with the Riviera and Siesta designs lets see where our travels take us next!

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  • Alicia Pilotta

    Congrats on this wonderful adventure!! I am thrilled and can hardly wait to start my Fall and Winter Shopping. Looking forward to your posts!!!