Duffle Coat

Ladies, this winter we wanted to make something special for you. We are always looking for that perfect jacket, to go with every outfit. One that is beautiful and fun, never going out of style, but also warm and cosy to keep the chills away. And it certainly is chilly living in the UK. We chose a bobble fur to line them so they would be so cosy you would never want to take them off. They look as pretty on the inside as they do on the outside. Did you see the gorgeous vintage style toggles we’ve found for you?

Since our Mulberry Duffle coat was such a success, we couldn’t resist making more colours for you we are delighted to introduce the new additions to our wardrobe, the Brown, Green and Red Duffle coats. Whether you want to stand out in this fabulous vibrant red or just blend in, in the deep green, it’s a statement piece for any vintage loving lady. If you can’t quite set your mind on just one, we recommend maybe take them all! After all, you can never have too many jackets, am I right? Trousers, skirts and even dresses would look great with this new addition. This 1950s style jacket will never go out of style, so it can be your forever wardrobe companion. It’s chic and simple, with two front pockets and vintage style toggle buttons that steal the attention. We wanted to make sure this jacket would be unforgettable. What do you think, did we do a good job?

There are endless ways to style this beauty but one way to make them even more special and exclusive. You could accessorise with one of our Beautiful Real Leather Deluxe Handbags! This combination is so perfect, you’ll feel like a million bucks for sure. But don’t wait too long, because all these babies are limited edition. So limited and exclusive, your handbags come with a numbered and a signed card from Vivien herself, to remind you how special you are. We would love to see how you style yours, so don’t be shy to tag us in your pictures!

P.S. We have so many gorgeous things coming this spring, you might want to buy an extra wardrobe just in case. I am afraid Vivien hasn’t designed one of those yet but you never know what the future holds.

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