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Tea Timer jacket from Vivien of Holloway 12/08/2015

Time for Tea Timers!

For years I have searched for beautiful Tea Timers. Where Men’s Hawaiian shirts have always been easily available, us ladies have always struggled to find the female counterpart. I have half a rail of vintage Hawaiian shirts but only 3 vintage Tea Timers. So now I have chosen some gorgeous authentic oriental prints to reproduce this cute blouse in. It is a great accessory for the beach or pool for over your Shorts. You may also find it handy at Cocktail Time as the Tea Timer looks great with Capris... Read More

50s Jeans from Vivien of Holloway 27/07/2015

50s Jeans

Well, I’ve been making these jeans since I was 17. Great fit… yes your bum looks great in these! I have made many variation over the years but always with the same great fit. Now we make them with a little stretch for comfort, so make sure they are nice and tight when you try them as they loosen up with wear. You can also buy a size up and belt them in for a cute loose look. I modelled them myself for Just 17 magazine with my friend Barry... Read More


Our Pedal Pushers are back

Here we go gals our Pedal Pushers are back. These make a great staple to any girls wardrobe. Great for any time of year. We have them in your favourite Black, Red and Navy to match with you favourite tops. Our high waisted pedal pushers are such a great classic shape. I designed these when I was 15 years old and they were the first thing I ever sold. I had barely left school. I made 10 pairs and took them with me to a Rock n Roll Festival they... Read More

Wedding ideas from Vivien of Holloway 10/07/2015
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For that special day

I don’t know about you ladies but I think the 1950s typify the ultimate style for a bride. I was 19 when I ran off to Niagara Falls to get married – I’ve always been impetuous. I was living in Toronto at the time and the Mister sold his ’59 Cadillac and we hopped onto a Greyhound bus to Niagara. I didn’t even have time to make a new dress which is a bit of a shame since the world was at my fingertips. I married in a pale blue... Read More

Vivien of Holloway Shorts 26/06/2015

Summer Shorts

Summer has taken its time arriving this year but it’s hotting up now especially with the arrival of our gorgeous Shorts. If you haven’t tried them before you have no idea what you are missing. Have I ever let you down! These little cuties have a high waist, the most flattering length and look great whatever your height or shape. I’ve even added pockets and a slight stretch. These easy-to-wear separates are the same cut as our Capris so if you like them you will love these; and we have... Read More

RedPalm from Viiven of Holloway 19/06/2015
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Tiki Time

Well, it has been a while since my last blog. I have been keeping busy updating the stock for you and looking at new designs to keep your wardrobe fresh. Summer arrived pretty suddenly in our office with the arrival of our new Summer prints. I’m loving the new Limited Edition Leopard Lily and Red Palm. Just perfect for that cheeky Tiki loving girl. They are already available in our Bombshell, Halterneck Circle dress and Circle skirt. Soon we will take delivery of our Shorts followed by Sarongs! While we... Read More

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Kitty Day Dress!

Well I haven’t had time to write anything for a while since I have been so busy with production and the Pop Up Shop. Now the Pop Up is closed and after tidying up the debris things can get back to normal. I hope you ladies made the most of us making another batch of our Kitty Day Dresses the fabric is so authentic looking even the most avid Vintage collector could be fooled. I know I get lots of compliments whenever I wear mine. The Kitty has turned out... Read More

Raglan Blouses by Vivien of Holloway 23/04/2015
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Summer Raglan Blouses!

With the summer comes lovely spring colours. Our Raglan Blouse is the latest arrival. We have the usual must have block colours but, as usual, have found some gorgeous prints to run along side them. These blouses are just perfect with our 40s trousers, circle or pencil skirts and great with shorts too. You can wear them tucked in or out. For  warmer days get cheeky and tie them for a real summer look!        

Slash Neck Tops from Vivien of Holloway 17/04/2015
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The Slash Neck Top!

I don’t know why it took me so long to bring out this great little top. It is a staple for any girls wardrobe and you ladies certainly agree as it has sold out 4 times already. So easy to wear our little Beat girl slash neck top is flattering and sexy. Slit from shoulder to shoulder with that extra hint of sex appeal while caressing those curves for a sexy silhouette. One in every colour for me with more to come for Summer! A great wash and wear item!  ... Read More

Fresh New Florals Limited Edition 09/04/2015
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Fresh New Florals!

I’m sure you ladies have seen all our lovely new florals this season. Since I know many of you just can’t get enough of these dresses we have decided that most of the prints will be limited edition. This means we will probably only do one run rather than carry the fabric for a whole season. Most of the new florals will be in the sateen fabrics which I know you ladies love as it has a very slight amount of elastane in it for a more comfortable fit. So... Read More