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The Fabulous Paloma Faith

Well, it seems like only yesterday that I saw this beautiful young lady sing for the first time. I was in a little basement bar in Soho run by my friend Jake Vegas. There would always be plenty of jamming going on and special guest singers. The talent there was always high.                               When I heard Paloma sing then, and still now, it made the hairs on my arms stand up. Her voice is so amazing... Read More

Vivien of Holloway does Tiki on The Thames 19/10/2015

Tiki on The Thames

For those of you not aware, this week was London Rum Experience Week  from 12-18 October. Nothing says Rum quite like a Tiki Party, so last Thursday we went along to a Tiki Boat party hosted by Ian Burrell, the Global Rum Ambassador, and Cheeky Tiki. These guys are responsible for designing and fitting out all the wonderful Tiki and Themed Bars you see popping up around the world.           I woke up Thursday morning wondering how I was going to get all my work done... Read More

Vivien of Holloway's Ghoulish Giveaway 30/09/2015

Glamorous Ghouls Giveaway

We know you all love a good dress up. I always love Halloween, but find it difficult to get inspired some years. We brought some gorgeous Halloween inspiration to our latest photo shoot, to give you a few ideas of how you can look spooky while still gorgeous this Halloween.                     I for one am determined to get organised this year. So doing this shoot really helped to inspire me. Just share all your Vivien of Holloway Halloween looks on our... Read More

1950s Pencil Skirt Red Tartan 25/09/2015

Put a wiggle in your walk

      Walk with a wiggle, with a wiggle in your walk, walk with a wiggle in ya walk. As the song goes…   Can there be anything sexier than a Vivien of Holloway Pencil Skirt? You just can’t help wiggling in this cute little number. A Bunny Girl once told me she got her job at the Playboy Club because she was wearing our Tartan Pencil Skirt.                                          ... Read More

1950s Lemon Circle Skirt from Vivien of Holloway 16/09/2015
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Back in Full Swing

As a youngster there was a church youth club on a Sunday night at the top of our street. A few older kids hung out there that were into Rock’n’Roll. Before this I had only seen old movies,  but here it was in real life. The girls & boys were boppin’ around a record player in circle skirts and brothel creepers to the sounds of Bill Haley. I went home and nagged my Mum rotten till she gave in, bought the fabric and helped me make a circle skirt. Though... Read More

1940s Swing Trousers by Vivien of Holloway 04/09/2015

Picking up your slacks!

My mother used to love sailing, when I was a young girl one of my favourite photos was of my mum as she was leaning against a sailboat dressed in loose fitting trousers and a slash neck top. I thought it had such simple elegant style it has always stayed with me. Unable to get those beautiful Hollywood fashions that adorned the likes of Katherine Hepburn and Rita Hayworth she was actually wearing an old pair of her fathers trousers. I love the fact that unlike her I can create... Read More

Tea Timer jacket from Vivien of Holloway 12/08/2015

Time for Tea Timers!

For years I have searched for beautiful Tea Timers. Where Men’s Hawaiian shirts have always been easily available, us ladies have always struggled to find the female counterpart. I have half a rail of vintage Hawaiian shirts but only 3 vintage Tea Timers. So now I have chosen some gorgeous authentic oriental prints to reproduce this cute blouse in. It is a great accessory for the beach or pool for over your Shorts. You may also find it handy at Cocktail Time as the Tea Timer looks great with Capris... Read More

50s Jeans from Vivien of Holloway 27/07/2015

50s Jeans

Well, I’ve been making these jeans since I was 17. Great fit… yes your bum looks great in these! I have made many variation over the years but always with the same great fit. Now we make them with a little stretch for comfort, so make sure they are nice and tight when you try them as they loosen up with wear. You can also buy a size up and belt them in for a cute loose look. I modelled them myself for Just 17 magazine with my friend Barry... Read More


Our Pedal Pushers are back

Here we go gals our Pedal Pushers are back. These make a great staple to any girls wardrobe. Great for any time of year. We have them in your favourite Black, Red and Navy to match with you favourite tops. Our high waisted pedal pushers are such a great classic shape. I designed these when I was 15 years old and they were the first thing I ever sold. I had barely left school. I made 10 pairs and took them with me to a Rock n Roll Festival they... Read More

Wedding ideas from Vivien of Holloway 10/07/2015
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For that special day

I don’t know about you ladies but I think the 1950s typify the ultimate style for a bride. I was 19 when I ran off to Niagara Falls to get married – I’ve always been impetuous. I was living in Toronto at the time and the Mister sold his ’59 Cadillac and we hopped onto a Greyhound bus to Niagara. I didn’t even have time to make a new dress which is a bit of a shame since the world was at my fingertips. I married in a pale blue... Read More